NACE Indonesia is part of NACE International based in Houston, Texas, USA

We are non-profit organization with the volunteers to run the organization.

Our offer for future in Indonesia

Answer for demands of corrosion engineer due to increasing mature assets in Indonesia.

As voice of Indonesia in International Forum.

Contribute to reduce Major Accidents due to corrosion.

Unite and expand the corrosion networking in Indonesia.

As one source information gate on corrosion issues, network & update in Indonesia

Main Contribution Area

Promote Awareness

Facilitate Education

Centralized Networking

International Community

Improve awareness, capacity and knowledge of human resources in Indonesia on corrosion subject

Contribute positively to the nation by reducing the major accident & consequences of corrosion

Unite all corrosion specialists and experts in Indonesia

Our Vision

Become the center network of corrosion specialists, international certification, source information and sharing knowledge in corrosion science in Indonesia

Our Mission

Contribute to global Indonesia‚Äôs development by actively providing program to increase public awareness on the risks due to corrosion, facilitate international certification,  promote sustainable knowledge sharing and unite network of corrosion experts in Indonesia.

NACE Indonesia Section Committee

Looking Back 2019 Success Story

Looking Forward Plan of 2020

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